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The Coastal Zone Canada Association (CZCA) is a nationally incorporated non-profit society of coastal zone management professionals committed to promoting Integrated Coastal Zone Management practices in Canada and abroad. The CZCA was incorporated in 1993 with the objective of sponsoring Coastal Management conferences and otherwise promoting improvements in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) practices. Conferences are held every two years, on the even year.


To promote the adoption and practice of ICZM in Canada and worldwide.  ICZM includes the understanding and management of inter-related human activities and natural environments, physical processes, and living and non-living resources within the coastal zone.


Each conference builds on the previous event to advance our knowledge and awareness of Coastal Zone Management issues across Canada.  They each have an unique focus and address themes of relevance across our oceans and coastal zones. Conference statement summarizing the event and digital copies of the presentations are available on this website. Collectively, these biennial events provide important information on the state of our coasts on a two year cycle.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board members represent all the major coastal regions across Canada. Learn more about their expertise and involvement with the CZCA.

Peter Zuzek


Pete has been President of the CZCA since 2016 and prior to 2016 served as the Vice President for the Great Lakes.  He has 25 years of experience working on coastal projects across Canada and Internationally involving coastal erosion and flooding, risk assessments, coastal zone planning, shoreline management plan development, water quality investigations, habitat protection and restoration, living shorelines, and climate change adaptation.

Peter Ricketts


Keith Mercer

Vice President Atlantic

Doug Chiperzak

Vice President Arctic

Dr. Andrew Day

Vice President Pacific

Andrew Lewin

Vice President Great Lakes


Andrew is a Marine Ecologist and Science Communicator that focuses on Marine Science and Conservation. He hosts The Speak Up For Blue Podcast and produces podcasts for Science and Conservation Organizations who would like conduct outreach on a podcast platform.

Christopher McKindsey

Vice President Quebec

Alexi Baccardax Westcott

Vice President Communications

Larry Hildebrand

Vice President Liaison

Larry is one of the co-founders of the CZCA and has served as President and Vice President Liaison throughout the organization’s existence. He has over 35 years of experience in coastal and ocean management and has served the Government of Canada, the United Nations, several other NGOs and country clients at the policy, management and evaluation levels. Larry currently holds the Canadian Chair in Marine Environmental Protection at the World Maritime University in Malmö Sweden.

Michael Parkes

Secretary and Treasurer


Brad Barr

Victoria Fernandez

Grant Murray

Rosmarie A. Lohnes

Judy Sullivan

Kiley Best

Peter Harrison

Jamie Alley

Rebecca Brushett

Patricia Manuel

Leah Brown

Nicole Hynes

Grant Gardner

Danker Kolijn

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